A fitness professional and fitness model based in Surrey, UK

I help people across the world transform their bodies with my training & nutrition guides. #CrockFit is a brand I have built as a place to hold my different fitness plans, and I have created different programmes to suit everyone!

It is my philosophy that you enjoy every aspect of your health & fitness journey including the exercise you do and of course the food you eat! It's time to quit the FAD diets, quit the low calorie shakes, get off the the boring treadmill and learn the exciting and achievable ways to build the healthy habits in your life, where you not only achieve great results, but you're able to maintain them for the rest of your life. Sign up to #CrockFit and say good bye to that endless 'yoyo' style results in your fitness! Whether you are male or female and want to train at the gym or at home, I have the plan perfect for you. 

My Story
Health and fitness have been a part of my life since a young age. As a kid I was involved in many sports teams and clubs, and throughout school and college I focussed mainly on the physical subjects, which directed me to later earn my degree in 'fitness & personal training'. I graduated in 2011 and went full steam ahead into the world of personal training! I quickly gained experience and knowledge and became a full time personal trainer at a corporate gym within a year.
As a personal trainer I have helped many people not only achieve their fitness goals but completely transform their body, mind and life.

My Dreams
Oh I have dreams and lots of them but two of my biggest dreams have been to be a top model, and also be known as a guy who inspires people to embrace a health and fitness journey.
Since a young age, I looked at the fitness models in adverts and on the front cover of magazines and thought 'wow, I want to be there!'. This thought never left me and stayed burning inside of me for years until I took action and started to work towards this dream. Whilst personal training I began the extremely slow and competitive journey of becoming a fitness model, modelling for top international brands and eventually landing myself some major fitness magazine covers. This was amazing and seeing myself on shop windows in giant size is a feeling that I still struggle to explain.  I love being a model and am grateful for opportunities that come my way, but I wasn’t born to be just a model? Although it is my dream I knew I wasn’t satisfied.
As a personal trainer working one to one with people and helping them change their lives was so satisfying and I loved my work, but I always felt that I was being boxed in, helping just a few people in one day. I had big dreams and I felt I could achieve much more. I have the passion to not only inspire one person at a time but maybe thousands, millions.

Birth of CrockFit
Through my own personal journey, I started to gain more and more clarity about my passion and my purpose - to inspire and motivate millions of people across the world to be fit & healthy and most importantly, to FEEL great & be happy! With my experience as a personal trainer, I knew three things for sure:
1.     Fitness gave people freedom, confidence and transformed each part of their life.
2.     People excelled in smashing their fitness goals and staying on that path when they have support, be it with a PT, friend or a community.
3.     I had limited hours in a day as a PT and was limited to helping just few people.
With this in mind, I created my fitness brand called #CrockFit.
With #CrockFit in place, I now have an official service where I can connect with anyone across the world and deliver all the tools they need in order to change their lives. Having helped people across the world better themselves, I now truly know my purpose in life is to not give up until myself and other like-minded people have made a considerable impact on helping millions of people be fit, healthy and happy. 
I have witnessed trends and niches in the health and fitness industry and something I always notice is an overpopulated help for people who are already into fitness, and an under populated help for people who haven't started yet. It is my absolute goal to connect and inspire these people to help them be the change they are desperate to make. 
My work is dedicated to the people that need help taking the first step, or have maybe fallen off and want to find their feet again, or maybe they need that extra bit of guidance to take their fitness to the next level. The fitness programmes I provide aren't just for the top elite athletes, they are also for the normal person looking to make some positive changes in their life. 
Fitness and health has ultimately helped me gain the confidence and self-belief to push myself outside my comfort zone not just in the training environment, but also in other life situations too. I really would be no-where without the life skills I have gained from being active every day, eating healthily and maintaining a great lifestyle. I would love to help you create these habits, so your life can benefit in this way too!
With the #CrockFit plans you will be inspired and motivated to start or stay on your fitness journey. People who have started on these programmes have had an amazing transformation and the community is growing, and seeing people inspire each other, exchange tips and motivate each other has been the MOST satisfying dream come true. 

Fitness is freedom and I urge you to start your journey today. I will guide you through your 12 week plan, no matter where you are.