5 Tips For Winter Training

If you are like me, and find this time of year actually really quite motivating, then you must also know the fact that - Summer bodies are made in the Winter!!

1 - Find a gym buddy/training partner

Training alongside someone else with the same goals as you can be a great benefit to your training, for example accountability that you will show up, the need of encouragement and motivation and often a little competitive nature. However make sure your training partner is a good influence, not a bad one! 

2 - Buy new winter gym wear

Not only is it colder so you may need more layers, but it's also proven that when we invest more in ourselves, we also put more effort in. Besides when you buy something new, you want to wear it more. Hopefully exercising, not sitting in a coffee shop in your active wear!!!... 

3 - Learn how to meal prep

Take control of your diet and dont leave it to bad decisions while you're out shopping or on a quick lunch break. Learn to master your food preperation, build these habits and I promise you'll be a pro!

4 - Wake up & move

Wow, this really is one of my absolute favourites and has countless benefits, from physical benefits such as getting in an early calorie expenditure to more mental benefits too! It can be anything to a walk in the park, to yoga in your garden or an interval circuit in your living room. Many people tell me they have no time for this, but what if they woke up 30 minutes earlier...?

5 - Sign up for something that motivates you to exercise

Plain and simple motivation, it works! Sometimes fear motivates more than pleasure. Pleasure is often a distant feeling whereas fear can be quite close. What I mean is that the fear of not being fit enough to run that half marathon soon this year, will probably kick you into gear this month to make sure you can get through it. 

I hope these 5 short tips help you this Winter, feel free to leave a comment or share with your friends.

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