Why You Should Be Doing Some Form Of Resistance Training!

Hello again! I hope you are having a fantastic, healthy, happy year so far! Growing my #CrockFit brand and helping people across the world become healthier & fitter is my dream and it feels amazing to be living it! So, thank YOU!

Now, when I say ‘resistance training’, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be lying on a bench lifting 200kg, but what I mean is anything that uses your skeletal muscles during exercise, applying stress on your body through resistance force or gravity.  Whether that is through weightlifting, bodyweight exercises or yoga classes etc.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be doing some form of resistance training:

Your burn more calories! YES!

Obviously the act of doing resistance training will burn calories, however what you probably didn’t know (or forgot) is that it actually enables the body to burn more calories when you’re not exercising! The body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass that it does fat cells, therefore if you increase your lean muscle on your body, you increase your metabolism and burn more calories! Good news huh?    

Strong bones!

This also applies for some weight bearing exercises that isn’t resistance training for example walking. However it is much more evident in people who lifts weights for example. The health, strength and bone density of your bones requires resistance training and has been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other fracture related issues.


Lifting weights and performing other resistance based exercises can actually increase your mental focus and productivity in daily tasks outside of the gym! So spending the time to get your workout done can actually increase the speed and effectiveness of the rest of your day!

Posture/Balanced body!

By performing a balanced resistance plan, you will be strengthening your entire body and especially your core. By strengthening these muscles your posture will be improved and your ability to prevent injury in day to day tasks or in a sports environment, becomes reduced.


When you focus on increasing your overall strength through resistance training, you become better at performing all of your tasks! So many of my clients have told me the difference they feel not only in their confidence, but how their body feels when achieving daily movements such as walking up steps, playing with their kids or picking them up and playing sports with friends etc.

As a personal trainer, one of my biggest frustrations was seeing people with fatloss goals, spend (waste) up to an hour on an exercise machine, barely breaking a sweat. I have knowledge, experience and understanding in the best and most effective ways to drop body fat and transform your body.

I urge you to add some form of resistance training to your routine. This is exactly why I have created my #Crockfit plans, so I can take all of the questions out of your mind, so all you need to do is follow the plan and put the work in.

If you are currently training through one of my plans, then well done!!! You are currently receiving all of the rewards above and more! Keep going #CrockFitter!

However, if you are yet to start you #CrockFit body transformation then please get in touch and let me know which plan suits you best or if you have any queries.

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