5 Things Most People Don't Know About My #CrockFit Plans!

Here are 5 things most people don't know about my #CrockFit Plans!

- You can sign up now and start immediately! #CrockFit is 100% online therefore you will have everything you need instantly, anywhere in the world.
- I have created 4 x 12 week plans in each workout series which means #CrockFit will be the first 1 year fitness plan! Creating healthy habits & results long term.
- The cost of an entire 12 week plan (and much more) is about the same as just 1 HOUR with a personal trainer.
- Once you get access to your plan, you have it forever! it never expires and you don't get kicked out of your member area! Take as long as you like to complete a 12 week plan.
- I personally, am available to you via email or social media private messenger to help you through your journey for an unlimited amount! This support is something some #CrockFitters use well, and others not so well. The ones that talk to me, often get BEST results!

Follow a plan that works, stop going through a routine that doesn't serve you anymore, push yourself to make new results!

Get FIT with #CrockFIT!

Alex Crockford