Why did I create the unique #CrockFit1Year Plans?

The #CROCKFIT Story.

The beginning: I launched my first #CrockFit online fitness plan back in November 2015! I was still a PT back then, but I had a dream to reach much people! That first online product was very very basic compared to what the #CrockFit plans are like now, but even with that being said, I knew that I was giving people around the world really valuable tools in their health & fitness journeys.

Product growth: During 2016 I created more #CrockFit plans, building the foundation of three separate categories - #GymFit (male gym training), #SheFit (female gym training) & #HomeFit (home/bodyweight training). 

Feedback: Things were going great! People all over the world were using these plans to transform their bodies and feel awesome, and seeing the impact I was having was incredible! I knew then that I had made the right decisions to leave my PT job behind me. 

Progress: The next phase of the #CrockFit journey was to create a 2nd 12 weeks for all three plans, helping people continue their journey, with new tools, new exercises, new training techniques, new recipes etc! This was the birth of #GymFit2, #SheFit2 and #HomeFit2. 

The problem: With my experience as a personal trainer as well as supporting people on the #CrockFit plans and also seeing what patterns were occurring in the industry, I was starting to see that although short online plans (8, 10, 12 week plans) we’re delivering motivation and results, people often felt an inevitable drop off of motivation when the plan was over! Nothing to follow? Fall back to old habits? No workout intensity? 

The opportunity: Clearly there was a gap in the online plan industry, as well as a potential problem, and need for a longer sustainable option. This tied in with the values and beliefs of #CrockFit that people should strive for long term healthy habits and relationships with their workout routine and nutrition. 

The solution: So.... #CrockFit 1 and 2 (2 x 12 weeks) had already been developed, how hard could it be to create 3 and 4 and make #CrockFit a 1 Year (well, 48 weeks 😜) journey!? 
I wasn’t massively keen on the idea initially, mostly because of the hard work it took us to create everything so far, but with how passionate I saw this as a solution for people, it had to be done. I was also very conscious of the challenge for me as a trainer to: challenge & progress the user through the 48 weeks, keep them interested and excited, give new exercises each plan, new recipes each plan, as well as not asking too much of the #CrockFitter, so they are able to use this workout plan around their busy life, creating healthy habits forever! 

The outcome: All 1 Year Plans (4 x 12 weeks in #GymFit, #SheFit, #HomeFit - so basically 12 12 week plans!) have been completed and available since January 2017. Since then I have had the absolute joy of seeing people around the world use plan after plan to complete the 1 Year journey, and I truly believe that following and focusing on something that long will really create healthy habits forever, which is what #CrockFit is all about! 

Ok, but what now: Some #CrockFitters have started the whole process again from the beginning because they feel they have changed and grown so much over the year, that the experience will be so different going through it again. Some others take what they have learnt and use to carry on on their own and repeat favourite workouts and cycles etc. 
Some others have messaged me to ask about #CrockFit Year 2!?!? In which I respond with ‘ HAH!?! 😆’ 

The #CrockFitApp: The next phase is bringing all of these plans on to the #CrockFitApp (from 2019), which will be such a cool interactive way of following an online plan, for both #CrockFitters who want to repeat plans, and also for brand new people about to sign up! This, I am sure will keep me very busy for 2019, but after that, I do plan on creating more plans to add to #CrockFit - maybe hybrids between gym & home training? Short special plans (like the #CrockFitAbs plans that already exist) perhaps like a TRX Plan, or a kettlebell Plan etc. 

Thank you you so much for listening to my ramblings! What a journey so far! I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my community! 

Lotsa love,

Alex x 

Alex Crockford