5 Tips for Successful Home Workouts!

5 Tips for Successful Home Workouts!

1 - Timing! When training at home it’s really easy to procrastinate and keep putting it off because there is always something else to do, so it’s important to plan, schedule and be committed. Work out what is best for you, for example right after you wake up, or maybe when you get home from work. If you sit down on the sofa, you know it’s hard to get back up!... 

2 - Use your surroundings! Most home workouts are bodyweight exercises but that doesn’t mean you can’t use what’s around you to be more creative with your exercises. For example using a chair for tricep dips, or the sofa for split squats etc. 

3 - Equipment! Like I said above, most home workouts are bodyweight but consider investing in some easy to store equipment such as resistance bands and light dumbbells for example. This will help you progress some exercises as well as have more exercises to do, such as pulling exercises which are generally left out with just bodyweight training. 

4 - Cardio & resistance! Depending on your goal you might want to focus on more cardio type exercises or more resistance based exercises, for example burpees vs push-ups. Generally speaking it’s good to mix both cardio & resistance to get all the great benefits in fitness, calorie burn, strength etc. 

5 - Use intervals & have a plan! Assuming you’re training at home because you need a quick and effective workout, then interval training is usually best as it helps you keep to a strict timing and makes you work to your maximum! Make sure you start your workout with a full plan ahead so you don’t lose momentum during your workout. 

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