What is #crockfit abs?

These plans are short gym workouts focussed purely on the middle section of your body! I currently offer the following Abs plans:

Build your six-pack abs! (Men)
Gym based. 3 weeks / 12 workouts.               

Sculpt your core! (Women)
Gym based. 3 weeks / 12 workouts. 

These simple guides have been created based on the core and abs training I follow when i am training my six pack! 

What is included?

- 3 week GYM based workouts for either Men or Women.

- 12 different workouts, using a variety of equipment & training methods.

 - Discount codes for some of the products I use.

- Packed full of tips & information to help you reveal that lean body and six pack abs you've always been looking for.

- Video & Photo exercise library of the entire workout routines.

- Inside training tips to speed up your body transformation.

- Access to the #CrockFit members area.

- Email support!


- 3 weeks / 12 workouts.

- Healthy diet & lifestyle, following my guidance.

- Update emails and optional photos.

-  Joining our #CrockFitCommunity and interacting with us on social media. 


All this for

Buy Build your six-pack abs
Buy Sculpt your core