What is #Homefit1year?

#HomeFit1Year is #HomeFit1, 2, 3 & 4 combined into a full one year programme. Consistency is so important when creating a new life, building healthy habits and making them stick, so I have created this full 1 year plan to help #Crockfitters continue following a training programme rather than finishing a 12 week plan and then stopping when it's over.  

Following this unique 1 year plan that takes you through a journey full of varied workouts will help keep you motivated long term, and maintain your interest in your training, nutrition and overall health! This will not only get you great results in fitness, fat loss and building lean muscle, but also the ability to maintain your results for life, which is what #CrockFit is all about! When you gain access to all the #HomeFit plans you will also have access to all the plans within the #CrockFitApp when it launches. 

Types of workouts

  • Fitness Test Workout

  • Resistance Training

  • CrockFit HIIT

  • CrockFit Core

  • CrockFit Circuits

  • Fitness test and flexibility

  • Full body resistance

  • Athlete

  • Hybrid

  • Cardio and core

What is included?

  • 48 week (12 x 4) HOME training programme.

  • Split into 12 cycles of 4 weeks each.

  • 240 training sessions.

  • Nutritional & Supplement guidance.

  • Clear & easy to understand picture & video exercise demonstration.

  • Discount codes for some of the products I use.

  • Packed full of tips & information.

  • Calendar & training diary.

  • Social media progress photos to use.

  • Personal email support!

  • Access to the #CrockFitApp! (not in the app yet)

  • Committing to all 4 plans at once gives you 20% off the cost.

How does it work? 
Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your link and password to your member area!
When you enter your #HomeFit Members area you will find your #CrockFit documents. 

Your access NEVER expires! #CrockFitForLife


  • 30 minute home training sessions with no equipment, 5 times per week.

  • Healthy diet, following the nutritional guide I have provided.

  • Update emails and optional photos after each cycle.

  • Joining our #CrockFitCommunity and interacting with us on social media.


Your #CrockFit plan includes:

  • The nutrition fundamentals.

  • Nutrition/macronutrient overview.

  • Supplement guide.

  • Calculation to personalise the nutrition guide to your requirements.

  • Frequently asked questions and extra tips!

  • Full recipes, photos & cooking method for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats! You will receive all nutrition information from #HomeFit1,2,3 & 4.

  • Vegetarian options.

  • Example diet plan using these recipes and shopping list!

  • Unlimited one to one online support!

All this for

138.00 230.00

Approx. 297USD / 256EUR. (inc. VAT) (before sale price)

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