What is #Homefit3?

#HomeFit3 is the 3rd 12 week instalment of the #HomeFit 1 Year Plan. it's an online 12 week fitness training and nutrition plan which I have created for people who like to exercise without going to the gym. If you have completed the #HomeFit and #HomeFit2 plans then continue your #CrockFit journey and get more results with #HomeFit3! This plan also requires you to use some weights/dumbbells, so get ready to burn those muscles and make even more progress! Signing up to #HomeFit3 will also give you access into your plan in the #CrockFitApp when it launches. 

Types of workouts

  • Fitness test & flexibility
  • Full body resistance
  • Athlete
  • Hybrid
  • Cardio & core

What is included?

  • NEW TRAINING! 12 week (week 25-36) HOME training programme. Bodyweight and dumbbells.
  • NEW RECIPES! Nutritional & Supplement guidance.
  • Split in to 3 different cycles of 4 weeks each.
  • 60 training sessions.
  • Discount codes for some of the products I use.
  • Packed full of tips & information.
  • Easy to understand picture & video exercise demonstration.
  • Access to the #CrockFit members area.
  • Personal email support.
  • Access to the #CrockFitApp! 

How does it work? 
Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your link and password to your member area!
When you enter your #HomeFit3 Members area you will find your #CrockFit documents. 

Your access NEVER expires! #CrockFitForLife


  • 30 minute home training sessions with bodyweight and dumbbells workouts, 5 times per week.
  • Healthy diet & lifestyle, following the nutritional plan.
  • Monthly update emails and optional photos.
  • Being a part of the #CrockFitCommunity and interacting with us on social media. 


Your #CrockFit plan includes:

  • The nutrition fundamentals.
  • Nutrition/macronutrient overview.
  • Supplement guide.
  • Calculation to personalise the nutrition guide to your requirements.
  • Frequently asked questions and extra tips!
  • Full recipes, photos & cooking method for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats! 
  • Vegetarian options.
  • Example diet plan using these recipes and shopping list!
  • Unlimited one to one online support!

All this for


Approx. 93USD / 80EUR. (inc. VAT)

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