Welcome to #GymFit1

GymFit1 is an online 12 week body transformation training and nutrition plan. The exercise routine in this plan is made for the gym environment. This programme delivers everything you need to know in order to create that lean look, by burning fat and gaining muscle all over the body. Suitable for all fitness levels, #GymFit is designed to keep you motivated and finish the 12 weeks with impressive results.

  • This is a 12 week GYM based resistance programme.

  • It is split in to 5 different Micro cycles.

  • 1 hour gym training sessions, 4/5 times per week on average.

  • Healthy diet, following a nutritional guide I have provided.

How does it work?

Your #CrockFit programme is all online. Once you sign up, you will receive an email that is valid for 24 hours where you can download the entire plan.

Whats included?

Your full 12 week training plan, your nutrition guide full of quick, healthy & tasty meals, your workout calendar and optional social media pictures to track your progress.

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