What people have been saying


"Completed week 12 yay!! I have to say being a person that never worked out a day in my life. Doing this program was amazing. I will admit it was tough. I had my moments of weakeness with the diet and maybe not completing an entire workout cause I just didn't have it in me. The more I pushed for it the easier it got. I can just imagine the results if I would have pushed that much harder. I have energy that I never did or needed an energy drink to achieve. It was definitely a life changer from the amazing food recipes to the awesome workouts. And don't forget the great tips on Alex's YouTube channel. HOMEFIT is perfect for those with no time for gym. You can do it anywhere anytime. Can't thank you enough Alex for creating this program. You are an inspiration and awesome for keeping this going."


"Well so far this has been a journey!! I can't say I was amazing everyday with food, I did drop a few times when I had to bake cakes for people's birthdays but, I did manage to snap myself out if it and get into gear with your help!! Your Snapchat stories help me out a lot and get me through the days I need that extra kick of motivation - thank you!! As I'm writing out this email to you, I'm actually on my way to the airport - Vietnam and Cambodia here I come!! Got a bit of the travel bug haha :) I'm definitely more confident in a bikini now due to the HomeFit and I will try my absolute best not to indulge in "all" the rubbish while travelling for 3 months!! I'm also going to try my hardest to exercise 5 days a week, whether that's following your programme or doing my own bits - but I know that when I return .... it's game on!! Well, I've completed HomeFit Cycle 1 & 2 - and these are my results "attached". Cycle 3 might be completed while I'm on my travels (if my mate doesn't mind haha) but if not I will definitely do it when I return, and then it's onto the next chapter - HomeFit2. Thanks again for your inspiration, motivational talks and for just being there to help me along with this journey. Many thanks again!"


"Would definitely recommend to all of you that go for CrockFit Programmes. It really has helped me a lot. I have been going gym for the last three years but could not see any change. Since I have signed up with this programme, I have lost weight and gained muscle. Looking forward to do Gymfit 2" 


"I have finished Gymfit 2! I just want to say that I have looked up to you on google and you became my favourite fitness model and then I started following you on social media. Then I trained with your plan and I'm very happy with my results for sure. I know it's still a long long way to go to achieve my goal, but I'm happy and proud of what I've achieved so far. Everyone in the gym has told me that I have changed and that I'm looking good. Thank you Alex everything you do!" 


"I have finished #Crockfit 1! I'm happy with my results for sure. I had a few loose days where the odd meal or a few vodka sodas were present but I never missed a gym session which kept me spurred on! Usually In the past I'd have a couple of days off after a night out, Eat sh*t and not go to the gym so it's be harder to get back into it, where as irrespective of the nights out I still hit the gym hard which kept be encouraged!! Again thanks for everything and I will definitely be quizzing you as I go through Crockfit 2 and will keep you posted with pictures as that goes along!!"


"Alex! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I've attempted many gym programs but all pale in comparison to your #gymfit plans. I have gained 8 pounds these two months and a tremendous amount of strength! I feel so much healthier as well. This is just the beginning for me and can't wait for a new life surrounded by fitness! I'm looking forward to my last month of this plan and starting gymfit 2 in the future! :D"


"Thank you for everything! I'm feeling great! Thank you for your program entirely! It has helped me out tremendously!" 


"I wanted to say thank you again for your CrockFit program! I know that it doesn't look like a huge difference in my pictures, but honestly there is. I've worked hard these past 12 weeks and I'm already loving GymFit2 as well. I've gained a few inches on my chest and I've had a few people comment on my legs and my bum! Thank you so much for creating a truly fantastic program."


"What can I say. I'm delighted with the progress I've made over the last 12 weeks. I have probably seen more change over the span of the plan than I've seen in 12 months of working without goals or structure. The focus on nutrition has been such a massive learning experience. One I wish I had learned a long time ago! I feel fitter, more energetic and stronger than I have my whole life. At 43 years old that's a big deal! Your support, words of encouragement and inspiration has really helped me push through the difficult times, the 7am freezing morning getups to fit the workouts in and the determination needed to stay focused over the festive period. Your motto 'burn it to earn it' has really stuck. So what's next? Well naturally it's Gymfit2 from here. Very keen to start the next chapter and seeing what progress I can make towards becoming the best version of me I can, and want, to be." -----


"I tried #Crockfit #gymfit plan before in April last year and failed due to lack of consistency. Then I started again in October with higher determination, greater goals and clearer plans! I was 93kg on 3/10/2016 and now I'm 67kg on 17/1/2017. I know it's still a long long way to go to achieve my goal, but I'm happy with and proud of what I've achieved so far. One of my so many fav quotes: "No gym means nothing changed, slow process means something different from yesterday!". Huge shout out to Alex! ;)"


The journey of 24 weeks has taken me through a wealth of emotions, and because of my decision to change my life I am grateful to say that Crockfit has assisted me in doing so. Alex has said many times that it is our responsibility to commit and stay consistent with the programs to get results, and I listened to every word he said. I saw at the forth week change could happen if you take responsibility for your life. I knew the first day when I found Alex that we spoke the same language, and he was the perfect coach for me. His commitment and passion spoke to me, because he knew his “WHY”. It wasn’t about the money, as you can tell by how much he charges for the plans, and how accessible he is no matter how much he grows. I started at 83.4 kgs and now weighing in at 74.3 kgs, with 4.7% in body fat. No one is more surprised by my results then me.

I will continue with GymFit 3 when it comes out, and thank you Alex for everything you do


"My friends are getting into fitness, eating healthy meals and exercising now because they’ve witnessed my transformation. 
Following your #gymfit and ur daily tips and messages on social medias helped me a lot.. Thanks for that!!"


"I am feeling great. This is the best I have felt in a long time. I have had people come up to me saying that I have changed and look completely different. Thank you for the motivation and doing what you do! Without you, I do not believe I would be where I am today."




"That's another 12 weeks done with #CrockFit and I can't thank Alex enough for changing the way I view myself, the gym, and nutrition. When I first started GymFit on May 2nd my aim was to try and get a beach body at the age of 40. I'm happy that I have succeeded in that goal. Moving on to GymFit2 in August and I was clear that I wanted to see some abs and add some mass to my main muscle groups. Again, I'm delighted that I have achieved that too. I'm lifting heavier, I'm seeing change and I'm continually amazed with how I can change myself with Alex's help.
But, working on a transformation isn't truly about 12 or 24 weeks. It's about a lifestyle change and about transforming yourself permanently. That's why I'm starting over again immediately to go even further, and push and test myself even more. My aim over the next 12 weeks is to add much more size and get chiselled into the core muscles. Here's to the next part of my journey."



"Past few years I've been working on improving myself and it made me feel good, but I felt that I needed even more motivation, so I came across#crockfit and thought about considering it to get more structure and ideas to help me improve in both my physique and the nutrition help with recipes as my food intake was quite generic.
I enjoyed the 12 weeks immensely and some of the exercises I have never done before and some that I even consider my favourites now. Keeping to the tempo set was probably the most challenging for me but I continued to push through it. My body has changed a lot in the past few years and the help this 12 week plan had has helped me even more and know what to focus on for the future."


Today marked the end of 12 weeks of#shefit and I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you! 
I am the busy single mother of one who works full-time. Shefit has not only helped me fit into some seriously awesome new clothes but it's given me back something for myself - it's given me a reason to focus on myself for one hour of everyday. Looking at my progress just makes me excited for another 12 weeks! 
Thanks again Alex."



"Well 12 weeks came and went really quickly, but I'm very happy with the the journey and the results. So much so, I'm starting the next cycle now, so I'll give you another update in 3 months. I found the program to have a good amount of variety, and the HIIT sessions after the workout were one of my favourite things. I knew I'd worked every-time. I've purchased the six pack abs and HomeFit2 programs to give even more variety in my training too!  Thanks again for the inspiration and the programming"


"It gives me much pleasure to say that I have completed the 12 week GymFit program. Attached are the final pictures.
I just want to say that I have looked up to you since I first followed you on social media and you were one of the first people to inspire me to take control of my life and be able to believe that I could accomplish the goals I set for myself. Writing this is incredible emotional for me because I grew up with very poor body-image and never really felt attractive at all. Now, during this transition, I look in the mirror and I don't recognize the person staring back at myself. This wasn't just a physical journey for me, but a mental one as well. Changing my eating habits, my lifestyle and my mindset has given me a newfound confidence that I needed in order to become the person I want to be. You've been such a great role-model and I can only hope that one day I can become one as well. This isn't over yet, but I just taken the first steps into what will be an incredible journey and I can't wait till I can start GymFit2 in the future."


"Cycle 3 was mad... is mad... mad crazy. But it helped my performance in crossfit a lot! And my stamina in general, I'm able to do whole routines in less (way less) time. I should confess that this month wasn't easy! I stepped off the rails on some occasions by eating stuff I shouldn't have, or skipping a day or two of workouts, that's life, the point is to get back on track. Lots of friends and strangers have been asking me how did I do it... and besides referring to your amazing program I just say: Doing it... Simply doing it, you will get results if you do it. It is that simple."


Mark's initial goal was to lose body fat, and then when he finished#HomeFit1 he was keen to start gaining lean muscle and change his shape with the #HomeFit2 plan. Well... Looks like his goal was achieved and I am so proud that he committed and put the effort in! I'm actually a bit speechless about how much his body has changed shape!! Thank you so much mark and well done!


"I have come to the end of my 12 week programme of GymFit and ready to begin GymFit 2. Where do I begin It has been quit a journey. Not wanting to sound cliché or overly sentimental, this experience has left me looking and feeling better than I have in my entire life. I first want you to know Alex, that I have had many trainers in the past but never experience this type of results and in just twelve weeks. The support that I have gotten from you and@dereklambie and the#Crockfitcommunity has been phenomenal. I’m over 40yo and my sense of personal pride and self-confidence has gone through the roof. It is never too late to change your life no matter what age you are, or physical condition, we all must start somewhere. I looked long for a trainer, but when I found Alex he spoke my language, supportive when necessary, and kick my ass when the time called for it . But he was always there for me with the many questions I always had, and sometimes just to talk. My journey was hard at times but the pain of not staying committed and consistent was much greater than any pain from the soreness or frustration of doing the workouts. I got up and walked my 10,000 steps, when to the gym, yoga, and worked many passionate hours at my job. This is a habit that I have created for the rest of my life, eating healthy, training, and supporting other crockfitters on the same journey. Beginning weight 80.7kg = 178lbs ending 76.6kg = 169lbs"


"24 weeks on the@alexcrockford #crockfit plans has taught me a great deal. In the fitness world I feel like Alex has been more like a father than a PT! .
I have learnt so much about how my body works and in particular how the strength of my mind is what gets results.
I have learnt that if you don't fuel you mind, body and life with goodness then you may as well cancel the gym membership.
I literally feel no barriers in my life anymore whether it be physically, personally, in work and just happiness in general."


"In my last update, I told you about how excited I was to see such great progress in my physique. This update, while I do think I've made some additional progress with my physique (a little more definition in my abs, bigger shoulders, wider back/lats, bigger chest), I think this update is about strength. 
I know I'm getting stronger. However, I think my biggest discovery was with pull ups. Starting GymFit I was able to do them but I did use a little momentum to get through a set of 10. Now, I can easily get through at least two sets, no momentum. Seems simple, but it really stood out to me when I considered how I've gotten stronger over the course of the 12 weeks. Now that I'm finished, I'm sure going to miss the program. Kind of odd to think about. Either way, I purchased GymFit2 so I'll definitely be starting that up. In the meantime, I think I may recycle some of my favorite sessions between now and then or do a few more sessions of cycle 5 (a good one). As always, I can't say thank you enough for creating such a great program. I can't resist a good challenge. This challenged me physically, mentally, sometimes emotionally if I got frustrated, and I'm stronger, more fit, and overall so much healthier because of it."


"These pictures are 16 weeks (just over 100 days) apart. Having completed Alex Crockford's 12 week programme a few weeks back I repeated month 3's schedule for a couple of weeks and then took the knowledge I'd learnt to make my own workouts as well as using other HIIT YouTube videos. It's been super fun with lots of ups and downs being on tour. Worked out in my bedroom, hotel rooms, digs, theatres, between shows, before shows, in dressing rooms etc. There's been a lot of times when I REALLY didn't want to do a workout but once I was 5 minutes in, I was all good. I struggled with balancing carb intake with two shows as well as the workouts and travelling a lot, was feeling very weak but Alex was on hand with some killer advice for this and helped so much. I've wanted to be in and work towards this body shape for a long time, before this I was doing pointless LONG workouts and still eating badly when I thought I was eating well. The programme has been insane and opened my eyes so much to what's good and what's not - I've just purchased#HOMEFIT2 and I can't wait to keep growing my body, fuelling it correctly and feeling awesome! I've learnt to make it my life style and I've still been very kind to myself and had a lot of treats (Shh!) (Look how tired I look in the first picture too, it's changed more than just my body shape!) Thanks #CrockFit :)"


"Thank you very much. 3 months ago, I did not anticipate waking up one hour earlier to do exercise but I'm very happy I did. As soon as I started seeing results, I knew this was the programme for me.  I'm now eating healthier and aware of what my body needs to function more efficiently. I have not had any cheat days but look forward to the occasional treats now I've completed the plan. I started the programme at 79KG and finished 12 weeks later at 68KG."



"I'm very happy to show you my 12th week transformation, I'm so happy with the results, I can see them and feel them. You helped me a lot to be more organised with my routines and food. I totally recommend you for this challenge and I motivate everyone to do it, not just your body changes but your mind. Thanks for making this possible."


"Thank you sooo much for making gym fun! Your programs are a mix which makes it so much fun and makes me keen to go after work, I dont feel like Im doing it on my own. Thank you so much for the support, great food options, and the great results that I am extremely proud to flaunt!! I have been a little obsessed with workouts before but now I am ecstatic. You're such a lovely person Alex thanks again buddy. I cant wait for gymfit 2 but I will start it the following week as advised by yourself."


"So what did #Crockfit do for me? 
The nutrition plan for me has been amazing. I have lost 18lb during the 12 weeks, feel better and I am more aware of how to fuel my body. 
I have a ceramic hip replacement and after many surgeries limited mobility in my left hip. With ceramic replacements being very hard wearing but brittle, impact sports are also ruled out. This for me meant there are a lot of the exercise’s I can’t do. Squat jumps, bicycle crunch, burpees, plant lifts, side wipers, squat thrust, lunge jumps, mountain climber outside knee, leg wipers, frog squat jumps, squat tuck jump, spider man press up, full burpee tuck. So do I give up because that list is quite out facing!! No. I have either carried on with the easier exercise’s and/or used a swiss ball under my shins while in a plank and rolled the ball forward to try and engage my core muscles as much as possible. The after photo will show if I got the alternative exercise right! Am I happy with my progress so far? Has it been worth it for me? Most definitely."


Hello everyone, that's my results from the 12 weeks program! I am so proud of my self that I made it! I can tell the first cycle is great I've become so much stronger after just 3 weeks and got a really good body. Everything was great until I got sick and couldn't train for 2 weeks. When I came to week 8 I went to the hospital and operated my stomach.. There I got the problem with my plan I didn't ate well or train at all! I just couldn't!  It took me 1 week so I could go again.  Well well... But I made it anyway.  I really want to thank you Alex Crockford for everything. I am so glad that I found you!  Now I am ready for the GymFit2! 




Without your #shefit programme i never would have achieved this for my wedding in less than 4 weeks now. Feeling so happy and much more confident, loving my new life in the gym and the best thing is I feel like I haven't given up too much either. Can't believe I've achieved these results without a 'diet'! Thank you so much."


"The whole 12 week crockfit plan has literally helped turn my life around. I used to smoke and binge drink, sleep badly, eat poorly and was generally tired a lot. Let's just say the complete opposite to all the above is true now!
My one piece of advise to anyone starting a crockfit plan is that for just 12 weeks you give it 100% follow Alex's advise, diet plans, gym & cardio plans and don't stray...its only 12 weeks and it will give you 100% back in results. It will also leave you with habits that last a lifetime.
I'm already looking forward to gymfit2 and what comes after that....thank you Alex"


"After 12 weeks with Alex GymFit 1 Program I lost over 16 Kg. I feel so much fitter and healthier. I changed my whole life. Before I was a fast food lover. Sometimes up to 3 times a day. And Sports?? No way. I didn't move more than necessary. But now, I can't imagine a day without moving my body. Cooking has become much more fun. It was and sometimes still is very hard. But Alex motivated me the whole way through. Via social media or Mail.  He is always available. I came from a massive 130 kg down to 113.1 kg .  And I can't wait to start GymFit 2."


"12 weeks completed! What can I say? Fat loss, muscle gain, increased fitness and energy levels. Feels like I’ve been doing this for a long time but it’s only been 12 weeks and what a change it’s made to my life. New eating habits formed and I love working out. The biggest motivator is seeing results though, that starting picture vs. the 12 week picture really shows how far you have come, it is however only the start of the journey.#Crockfit is not a fad diet to get slim quick for holiday, it is seriously life changing and changes how you look at food and fitness. Alex is always on hand for advice and the #Crockfit community have been great, following other with the same challenges motivates you to keep going. If you’re stuck in a rut (like I was!) get #Crockfit, it gets results!!!"


"I've really enjoyed #crockfit #gymfit and am very happy with the results, the meal plans provided are delicious and healthy and allow you to adapt and create your own recipes, I'd thoroughly recommend #crockfit!"


"On week 4 of the #crockfit #shefit I feel a lot fitter and stronger. I am really enjoying my gym sessions and actually look forward to going (something I thought I would never say). The programme is great and a real mixture of different excersises which are so easy to follow! I've tried other programmes before but found them hard to follow but #shefit is different and it's great for a gym novice like me! I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next 8 weeks! Thanks Alex" 


'I started the programme looking to lose weight, I was 15st 8lbs the heaviest I had been and needed to get into shape for my wedding.  The first few weeks were hard but seeing results helped. After about 8 weeks i was slipping back into old habits but your emails and posts of motivation helped me get back on track. Now with the 12 weeks gone i am down to 13st 12lbs. I have always struggled with fitness plans and finding something that works but #Crockfit #Homefit has really worked and would recommend it to anyone looking to make a change.’


"I wanted to lose a little weight and get a little fitter, so asked Alex if he could give me some advice. He suggested his "#homefit" programme, so thought I would give it a go!!! 12 weeks on, my fitness has improved, and have lost over two stone in weight, I also feel so much better in myself. Big key is having to send in a photo at end of each cycle, as it gives you a incentive to keep going!!! I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but I will be !!!!" 


12 weeks on my #CrockFit plan COMPLETE!!! It's weird knowing I looked like that pic on the left 12 weeks ago. After Christmas, I decided I wanted to get back to the best shape of my life, and waking up and seeing myself in the mirror in the pic on the right makes me feel amazing knowing that I've come so far. My story is much much more than just visible changes, it's about how I feel in myself.  Was it perfect? No. Did I mess it up? Yes! But did I keep focussed on what I REALLY wanted? YES! 
The whole philosophy of my #CrockFit lifestyle is not about sacrificing everything in 12 weeks to get the most results and then fall off after 12 weeks is up! It's about merging new habits of healthy lifestyle & training into your life for LIFELONG health, vitality and without a doubt - a better body! 


"My time on #Crockfit
Firstly on a whole 12weeks of serious training and dieting is going to get you in shape but the results I have achieved have surpassed my expectations, even with a self inflicted injury after the first 4weeks that put me out the gym for over a week and off the cardio regime for over 2 weeks!! The workouts constantly tested me from week to week and the diet plan contained a good variety of dishes which made dieting more enjoyable!! Along with your help throughout with any questions I have thrown your way I would recommend this plan to any gym goer be them non-serious or serious!! Thanks for everything Alex, looking forward to the release of #GymFit2" 


"I am now into my 9/12 week of the #CrockFit #HomeFit programme. The pic on the left was taken on 3rd January 2016, the pic on the right was taken a couple of days ago. I've had a couple of slip ups along the way, but my general health and fitness has improved so much over such a short space of time and I'm so glad I signed up for this - it's given me the boost I needed and with the support from the other #CrockFitters, it only motivates me to carry on!" 


"I feel sooo proud of myself, cause even if I only started cardio towards the end of the plan, i am 100% sure that I was respecting my body's limits, both mentally and physically. And sticking to the plan, respecting rest periods, number of sets... by myself was the hardest challenge. One that I absolutely loved facing. I just lost a few clothes but cause i gained muscle, which is the best reason to buy new outfits in my opinion. I am really excited about this new journey and thankful that you gave me this opportunity!"


"My time in Alex's #GymFit program was amazing. I have a pattern of rarely following through with things I start but this broke the cycle. I had been looking for a fitness program and had followed Alex online for about a year, wishing I had a body like his.  I stuck with the gym program, and the food program (for the most part) and even though I didn't always complete the cardio portions, I still got amazing results. Alex motivated me through email checkins, and keeping me accountable on social media - which was a total game changer for me.
As a result of changing my physical body, I've watched my life transform before my eyes and am attracting all kinds of amazing opportunities and people. 
By choosing a trainer with such a positive attitude, I was able to keep the vision I had for my body and watch it come to fruition. I'm beyond happy with where I'm at and incredibly excited for continuous improvement!  As a kid I would never take my shirt off - now I never put one on! " -DC James @danielcjames 


'Using Alex's #CrockFit 12 week gym programme not only transformed by body quicker than I ever thought I could do, but I've also built new healthy habits that extend further than just the 12 weeks so now health, fitness and training is a part of my life. I have made new goals now that the first 3 months has finished and can't wait to see what I can achieve in the long term! I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life, so if you are looking for structure, knowledge, motivation and guidance to set up the direction to transform your body then the #CrockFit programmes is what you're looking for.' 


I entered crockfit in a good place, having lost over 15kg and increased fitness - but my progress' had levelled off. Having a structured program to follow along with online support was just awesome. The plan gave me the confidence to push myself and focus at every workout. Crucially though, the nutrition guidelines and supplementation plan really helped me transform my body shape and pile on muscle. It's been truly life changing and I can't thank Alex enough!'


"Through CrockFit I've learned that being healthy and fit is not a series of tasks to learn and repeat but instead a behavior to adopt and lifestyle to live."