What is #Homefit?

#HomeFit is the 1st 12 week plan in the #HomeFit 1 Year Plan. It is an online 12 week body transformation training and nutrition plan which I have designed for people who prefer exercising at HOME (or anywhere!) and for people who struggle to get to the gym due to lack of time or anything else. Also for people who want to increase their confidence before going to the gym in the future. You don’t need any equipment, just your body and a strong mindset. Perfect for gaining strength, fitness & muscle and reducing body fat. Leaving you motivated to start #HomeFit2!

What is included?

- 12 week HOME training programme (no equipment).

- Nutritional & Supplement guidance.

- Picture & video exercise demonstration.

- Discount codes for some of the products I use.

- Packed full of tips & information.

- Access to the #CrockFit members area.

- Calendar & training diary.

- Social media progress photos to use.

- Email support!


- 30 minute home training sessions with no equipment, 5 times per week.

- Healthy diet, following the nutritional guide I have provided.

- Update emails and optional photos after each cycle.

-  Joining our #CrockFitCommunity and interacting with us on social media. 


All this for

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Have you COMpleted #HOMEFIT?

 then #HOMEFIT2 is the perfect next stage to take your results to the next level